/rm issue five

Bri and I launched the latest issue of Radioactive Moat on September 1st.

/rm 5 features the work of Amber Ortolano, Carrie Lorig, André Braga Cabral, Lonely Christopher, Helen Vitoria, Michael (H.C.) Koh, J.P. Dancing Bear, Teresa Petro, Jamison Crabtree, Dawn Pendergast, Rachel McCarren, Simon Perchik, Suzanne Marie Hopcroft, Marit Ericson, Nate Pritts, Laura Carter, and A.T. Grant.


I have seven poems in the latest issue of red lightbulbs. Lots of great company as well: xTx, Adam J. Maynard, Heather Palmer, Steve McGouldrick, Lyra Hill, and others.