Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (2010)

What People Have Been Saying About MGM:

"Paul is a heck of a really good writer, in my humble opinion, and you can find out if you agree with me by reading his terrific and free echapbook, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer."

"Open eyes, remove eyes, feel around on desk, two strings attach, two strings hung to ceiling, Neptune and Mars, where are your spaceships, orbitering, close eye cavities, ingest, digest, what have you read, antique coin collection asphyxiation--MGM is a natural treasure."
-Brett Gallagher, author of VESSEL

"Would make a great companion read with Kafka, Bradbury, Ovid. The mind of the transformation here is what's daring; not the trappings of it. There are no splashes of contemporary angst over language. Rather, it is emphatically invested in its circus, the way Fellini is invested in his. This is not poetry that lingers over the kill, either. It makes its meat fresh and available for us, then moves on. Ah, it is youth itself."
-D.A. Powell, author of COCKTAILS

"A free, intelligent e-chap. Five stars. THIS IS WHY > "Inside the space where its heart should have been, you retrieved a fistful of red confetti. You held your fist outside the cage and hummed as you released a paper roar."
-Paul Siegell, author of WILD LIFE RIFLE FIRE

"More human (civilized/refined), but kind of like Aase Berg (With Deer anyways) . . . really enjoyed these poems! . . . and they're free, online. Just a click away!"
-Rauan Klassnik, author of HOLY LAND

 "Here we have stark colours and images set before us in crisp lines. 'These lights and red organs stretched for miles and you realized earth's seams were coming undone.' If this is poetry, then the novels of Michael Ondaatje should surely also be poetry. Or have we crossed the boundary between poetry and prose poetry?"
-Jessica Maybury, decomp magazine